Intro Puzzle Level 4-3 Flippin' Sheets: popup text, consistency, new wiki help

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Flippin' Sheets has had issues for a long time. Here are a few observations from recent testing.

The first popup has a "That's All!" button, but it seems like "OK!" would be less confusing. (Better yet, just "OK", but maybe that's too much too hope for.) "That's All!" makes some other appearances as well.

The "Stop Tweak now" button keeps popping up even when tweak is not running. For example, try adding bands between the bonded sheets. You'll probably see a lot of this popup.

The behavior of this puzzle is inconsistent. Flipping the sheet as instructed, then shaking and wiggling *sometimes* solves the puzzle, but not always. When it doesn't work, there's a chance nothing will work except to reset and try again. This has been an issue off and on for years.

I've updated the wiki help for Flippin' Sheets with a procedure which seems to work reliably. After flipping the second sheet, the loop between the top two sheets has severe clashing. Shaking and wiggling the bad loop followed by shaking and wiggling the entire protein should get to the required score. Perhaps these steps could be added to the puzzle.

Here are some previous feedbacks on this topic:

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Added to the Tutorial Fix List, thank you!

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This one did not get fixed in the latest devprev, 20170912-a682c024c7-win_x86-devprev.

The "stop tweak now" button keeps popping up at inappropriate times. On my latest test, it popped up when I opened the puzzle.

The procedure suggested by the help popups also caused the protein to blow apart on at least one test. The updated procedure I suggested above avoids this problem.

Also the second popup (if you don't count "stop tweak now") is very poorly worded - "The flip tool can be used to Go on try the tweak tool to continue forward on the tutorial. Right click to find the Tweak tool."

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Old, fixed,closing.


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