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When I'm searching in the feedback using the search bar, the date of the feedback doesn't show up making it hard to find what you're looking for that's up to date. Is it possible to fix that?

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I think each Feedback's address tells how old it is.

For example, is from Feb 3 2017 is from Jan 8 2017 is from Aug 3 2016 is from Mar 26 2016 is from Aug 21 2015

It seems like older posts have smaller numbers.

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This is what I'm talking about. In some cases, the description is small enough to show the year.

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To be honest, not sure how high of a priority it would be but worth suggesting and looking into, yeah :) Thanks!

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I do know how this issue should be fixed! We should implement a filter that we can modify, like an advanced search! So, we can sort by date, and type, etc.

One fairly weird, but important thing to consider.
The format of each feedback case as a search result
is different than
the format of the feedback case as an original single-character thick line.

Before I took these different formats for granted too. But in terms of the formatting and the design of the text, it is inconvenient to work with two different formats of feedback. It's fairly surprising.

I think this is a pretty high priority, because then if this issue was resolved, then other feedback are more easily resolved, because then it's easier to access & get back to a specific feedback.


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