1331 crashes Thread 0, Thread 4, Thread 10

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No news here, just reporting the usual state of play in the current Mac game for this type of puzzle. Threads for the previous monomer puzzles contain a "wealth" of logs and latest update did not help with the existing crashing so unless Foldit support specifically responds asking for more I'm done attaching those logs. Here are the problems that have been occurring since August 3 (and some earlier than that):

- Still experiencing game_dynamic showing up on finder bar and in logs where reference to foldit should appear
- Cannot run any remix DRW type recipe without crash at some point to Thread 4 or Thread 10
- Cannot run most scripts without crashing - Have only a handful of recipes that don't crash and those also occasionally crash Threads 4, 0, or 10
- Cannot reliably make new tracks (every other one crashes thread 0)
- Cannot close puzzle reliably without crash (thread 0 most common crash there)
- Some crashing occurs on simple moves, cuts, wiggles, mutates (less frequent) - Usually Thread 0
- Must close and restart clients as play becomes unstable, slow, and eventually will crash:
- When this happens, display starts to show evidence of instability - animation of activity becomes "blurry" -
- When this happens, filter toggles off automatically during basic functions like wiggling
- When this happens, if I am playing minimized I will often find a crash has occurred when coming back to the game
- When this happens, if I have not been lucky enough to catch and restart, my finder will often freeze and a hard reboot of the computer is the only solution
- IRC disconnects happen every so often at the same moment as one of the crashes. This is intermittent but frequent enough to be suspicious that it's connected.

There may be a few things I'm missing. One other point: Thread 4 and 10 crashes most common, Thread 0 crashes started increasing after latest update

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Ah - one other thing: Crashes become more frequent the higher my score gets, particularly annoying when I have a good start that I can't refine because I cannot use the scripts to do this that other players can use without causing crashes (or at least without as frequent crashes as those of us with Mac clients experiencing these problems are having). This makes it impossible to compete on any kind of level playing field and is like being asked to hit a bullseye with a bow and arrow with one arm tied behind your back.

(My sense of fairness is highly offended by this particular problem :-) ) Seriously though - this problem risks losing potential good solutions from the affected players and that is not as far as I can tell the point of this game.

- it would be very nice to at the late game stages be able to use the tools that those on other platforms are using. I know that this affects several other Mac users so it's not just me.

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- One other point: this happens whether I use Blueprint or don't use it. Thread 4 and 10 crashes were happening prior to Blueprint

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(am adding to this thread as other symptoms occur to me)
- When the IRC disconnects sometimes it "takes down" my wireless connection as well... other devices (iPad, iPhone) also get disconnected. This is infrequent but since it happens only when a game also crashes, it may be related/connected. No other affects (browser doesn't quit, other clients do not crash) so it's a curious thing. Using Textual as previous chat Colloquy was even more unstable. This type of IRC failure also often (but not always) results in scrambled identity (my user ID registers as part of my username and an underscore) on IRC when reconnecting... despite my Textual preferences being set correctly I have to back out and resend identity. Weird.

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When your other devices also lose internet, you can be sure that foldit crashing is only a symptom, not a cause. Most likely your wifi drops, causing all devices using it to lose internet. Losing wifi messes up your irc connections (both in foldit and in irc client). Foldit has a known bug where it will crash if it loses irc connection in this way. So your wifi dropping is causing foldit to crash, not the other way around. The other foldit clients don't crash because they don't have an irc connection to lose. Your browser doesn't care because it only needs a connection at the moment it is fetching or sending something. Your irc client gets an underscore on your name because it reconnects to the irc server before the irc server notices that the first connection was lost, so your nick is still in use, and a similar nick is generated for the new connection.

This doesn't help with all the other crashes, but when your other devices get disconnected too, you know it's your wifi and not foldit causing the problem.

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Thanks Susume for the info. Let me rephrase that so I can try to understand it better...

Foldit has a known bug that will crash a client if your wifi (for whatever reason) disconnects.
But it only crashes one client
And another nickname is generated (by foldit or by my IRC software?) when this happens

If that is a correct read of this, my next question is this:
If My Mac uses Ethernet to connect, not wifi (which is how it's set up),
If the devices use the Wifi connect to it independently (which is also how they're set up)
(wifi on the mac desktop turned off doesn't affect device connections)

It seems a reasonable assumption that...
The only thing then that could disconnect foldit IRC for that one client would be if for whatever reason, the foldit IRC chat was attempting to use that client's IRC on wifi and couldn't find it, after hours of working fine on the hardwired ethernet network connection.

I'm confused about why this would point elsewhere than the IRC wireless drop bug in foldit.

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Ah... I left out the important bit... I understand that if my wifi dropped momentarily it might knock out my other devices,
But why would it knock out the hardwired client?

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Additional information: All the above happened on my previous older 2013 iMac in El Capitan (and I believe in the OS prior to that) and is happening now on a newer 2015 iMac in Sierra. If Foldit has not kept its game updated to work with the current OS over the past few years that may explain much; however the few responses to my Mac survey suggest that the OS used doesn't show a common OS version experiencing the problems.

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Also... prior to Sierra, I could run Foldit from the downloads folder or the applications folder... but in Sierra it has to go in applications in order to start.

If the OS version were the cause it would be very tedious but I could "back out" and install the last known working OS...

... however, testing the OS I also discovered that during one of my recent bad freezes in one of the monomers that my machine automatically restarted to my external (due to the machine HD directory being scrambled during the crash it booted to the alternate startup drive)

...and in restart also automatically updated my test OS on the external to Sierra [probably when I installed the old El Capitan OS on the external I neglected to have it ask before updating, not sure.] ... sigh... )

So my test drive also has the most current OS, not the earlier one I was using for testing. One of my feedback threads from late 2016 (October?) describes what I did when I lost the old machine HD and set up the external and the issues encountered there.

As a maintenance protocol I often run DiskWarrior (from a USB and restore reboot, launching DiskWarrior in terminal) to check the directory, drive and files because it appears that whatever is going on with the game also causes the directory to become scrambled, particularly when the finder freezes occur during gameplay.

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Sent this thread upwards, thank you for your diligence in reporting from the Mac side!

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test 1334 (no log attachment) to test if 413 error on save feedback


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