Score mismatch _ what is the credited one?

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Opened on:Sunday, January 15, 2017 - 10:52
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Score mismatch between platforms:

e.g. my evolver score today for puzzle 1329:

-9027 pts on the right common pannel (as top evolvers)
(however, the top groups on the same pannel is Anthropic dreams with 9098 pts)
-the top group in the puzzle pannel is AD with 9146 pts
-my evolver points on the puzzle pannel is 9059
-the top evolver on the puzzle pannel is 9105
-on My Page, it's whriten 9059 pts for evolver this puzzle
-due to disconnection problems, it can be higher on my puzzle client

Am I correct if I suppose that the reference credited score is the one displayed on the Puzzle page ?

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