Client crashes when Tweaking a structure Frozen on on/both ends.

Case number:699969-2003267
Opened by:Formula350
Opened on:Thursday, December 29, 2016 - 18:53
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This is fairly straight forward and is reproducible on any puzzle, at least for me. However, in the interest of being thorough: The client will instantly crash upon selecting Tweak on a segment, which typically in my case it's a Sheet (as I like to straighten them early on while building, and SS later), where I have one or both ends frozen. Granted, this is partially user-error as I should notice this sort of thing; however, on the flip side this also should simply produce a pop-up like the other "sorry, you can't do that" errors, instead of crashing the program.

Other potentially helpful details...
Interface: Classic
OS: Win 10 Home x64 ver: Latest Public build
Puzzle: Any which have Structure Mode

Illustrated image included, just in case! :D


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Well ugh... I was once again absent minded and tweaked a Sheet (on Puzzle 1322), but this time no crash, and gave me the expected resulting popup error. All I know is, the crashing happens more often than not, so I'm wondering if it matters where the sheet is in the protein. The one from 1321 had a long untouched tail still, where as today's it's mostly completed. Screenshot shows both.

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-_- Forum derp... didn't post the pic. Second attempt:


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