Building Blocks fail to move when inserting residues

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Opened on:Thursday, December 29, 2016 - 05:29
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I built most of my protein using blueprint, then inserted two residues near the beginning. All the higher-numbered residues moved two places along the sequence window in blueprint, leaving their building block rectangles (constraints) behind. For example, a constraint that was on 79-82 (sheet-loop-loop-sheet) stayed on 79-82 (which is now sheet-sheet-sheet-loop) instead of moving along to 81-84 (sheet-loop-loop-sheet) like it should. Now it tries to deform my sheet whenever I wiggle.

I can't just remove and re-apply all the building blocks without making a mess, because those areas have been wiggled into place and no longer match their building blocks exactly. The only solution at this point is to remove the constraints entirely and hope the ideal loops stay ideal.

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Looks like the same bug as this one:

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I tried this again on 1322, inserting a residue, and the blueprint rectangles on higher numbered residues moved as they should. I think the difference is that on 1321 I had a cut in the protein near where I inserted the residue.


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