CL1; score goes up and down

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Without any bands and with CL=1, while wiggling, mutating, whatever, the score is no longer only going up. this has been observed also by TomTaylor. Is this intended behavior ?

I am not sharing a solution as this should be plain visible by anyone wiggling puzzle 1321.

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I may have the answer. If you used the Blueprint tool it creates building block constraints that behave like bands. Click-and-drag a building block off of the Blueprint panel to remove the building block.

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If you used the blueprint tool, it put constraints on your protein to try to hold the ideal loops in shape. These constraints pull on the protein (sort of like rubber bands) if the loops move away from that ideal shape. This can cause the score to go down. Once your protein is stable, you can remove the constraints by opening the blueprint tool and dragging the rectangles off of the sequence. The longer you leave the constraints on, presumably the more likely your protein is to fold as designed, but in order to get the maximum foldit score I find I have to take them off eventually. If you remove them and later restore an earlier pose, they may re-appear and have to be removed again.

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Jinx Tom ;-)

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Thank you Tom and Susume, this explains most of the issue. I still see score variations when these constraints are removed though. I'll further monitor them and add to this comment in due time.


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