1321 first crash

Case number:845829-2003248
Opened by:actiasluna
Opened on:Sunday, December 25, 2016 - 14:29
Last modified:Wednesday, December 28, 2016 - 13:12

Hadn't had problems with this one until I ran a LUA Idealize script.
No clues in the script log (that I can see anyway)
All crash logs, script log attached.

The only thing I did on this that was "unusual" was to cut segments and replace elsewhere. Other puzzles with no cut/replace have crashed similarly so I doubt that's relevant, but it's the only thing I usually don't do.

As in the last mutatable monomer, crashes didn't start until my scores got pretty high. Which to me is quite an odd thing but it might mean something to a troubleshooter. I usually run about 4 clients these days but it doesn't seem to really matter whether I'm running 1 or multiples when this monomer mutable puzzle crash occurs. (used to run more, but think that might've contributed to the "death" of my old HD so I keep the multiple clients to a more reasonable number for my machine's capacity.)

Also still getting oddness in placement of game elements on screen with the game_dynamic issue still showing (certain items show up almost off the screen at the top right, Undo and Tracks among them) when I open the game... seems like it can't hold the options.txt settings and modifications while I play like it did prior to the game_dynamic issue (I believe frood also mentioned this "trait" of the game_dynamic issue.) And certain scripts just don't "stick"...

All which points to the programming not being read properly somewhere and causing disconnects that don't happen with others with Macs. (no real pattern visible, not enough data on my survey thread http://fold.it/portal/node/2003110 to see one yet anyway).

1321S3CrashonLUA.txt57.15 KB
1321CrashonQuake Shearing.txt1.29 KB
log1321CS3Crash.txt4.01 MB
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Something odd that I noticed.. a script log from a past puzzle (1310) appears to be "active" at about the time of the crash. (attached for looking at). I am running the script that was running that day (BandFuze) on another puzzle, but not on the monomer. Could this be a clue?

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***Correction to first post in thread, was running Quake Shearing, not Idealize.***

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Erm... just found out that it wasn't looking for 1310 at all, just named a 1320 track wrong ... slightly embarrassing discovery,, but still the script log ending at the same time of the glitch/crash is suspicious, as 1320 has been running all day without issues. So more confusing facts to add to the mix. 9.9<-self

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Another crash, this time DremixW

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Crashed one client on running Mutate Combo for Layers
Logs attached (not log.txt as it has long been written over)

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Finder froze up right after I submitted the above. Somehow this seems related to foldit activity but I haven't figured out the connection yet. Might have something to do with IRC chat as well. FWIW.


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