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... gloverd ! He has been leading the Marathon of Foldit during more than 3 years.

Final result (02/28/17):

Top 10:
1) Gloverd (CAN): 18208 pts
2) phi16 (USA): 17163 pts
3) meatexplosion (XXX): 17024 pts
4) nicobul (FRA): 17019 pts
5) johnmitch (XXX): 16946 pts
6) KennethMarks (XXX): 16839 pts
7) vuvuvu (ITA): 16670 pts
8) Museka (FRA): 16564 pts
9) Bruno Kestemont (BEL): 16436 pts
10) tzabaoth (XXX): 16427 pts

It was a 611 residues protein that pushed our computers towards their limits. There were obstacles like computer crashes, patience limits etc.

Joined: 09/24/2012
Groups: Go Science
Thanks all for participating

See you next time


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