upload of in-line images with puzzles comments and other postings fails -- AWS issue?

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Opened on:Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 00:39
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Uploading images for certain types of postings is failing. This has worked in the past, although I'm not sure how recently. Susume suggested a possible connection to the AWS move, hence the title of this feedback.

There's an in-line image process available via the "add image" icon on feedbacks, puzzle comments, forum posts (both group and global), and comments on blog posts. The in-line image process results in a new page on the fold.it site and creates in-line HTML code in the posting.

The in-line image process is failing with a complaint about being unable to create a thumbnail image, and a message that a file could not be copied.

Both feedbacks and group forum posts also have an attached file option that seems to be working as expected.

[Due to issues with the spam filter, I'm adding the details of this issue as a series of comments, rather than as one large posting.]

As seen in step1.png, clicking the "add image" icon below a puzzle comment pops up a dialog which invites the user to select an existing image or upload a new one.

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Step2a.png shows the resulting "My Images" dialog has blank spots which seem to have been created in previous failed attempts.

Clicking on the "Upload" button shown in step2b.png results in the dialog shown in step3a.png.

An image can be selected for upload as shown in step3b.png.

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[Continuing, although I was unable to preview the last posting, and the format of the attached file list was strange....]

Clicking the "Save" button on the image dialog results in the errors seen in step4a.png. The message "Unable to create scaled Thumbnail image" and "The selected file /game/var/www/lighttpd/portal could not be copied" appear. Clicking on the "Insert" button at the bottom of the dialog results in the HTML code shown in step5.png being inserted.

The code in this example refers to http://fold.it/portal/node/2003218, which exists, but does not contain an image.

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[Finishing up, including step1.png which didn't get attached to original posting.]

The problem seems to affect only upload of new images. It's still possible to use one of the existing images shown in the "My Images" dialog.

This problem has been observed with both Firefox and Chrome on Windows 10.

In addition to fixing the upload issue, it would be nice to be able to access the contents of "My Images" outside of the upload mechanism. These uploaded images are another bit of "dark content" on fold.it. Perhaps an "images" link could be added to "My Page", similar to the "Cases" link. Or better yet, replace "Cases" with "Content", to display a page linking to all one's contributions to fold.it.

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Just for laughs, test of adding an inline image by hand.

The code is

<span class="inline inline-left"><a href="http://fold.it/portal/files/step1.png"></a></span>

The result is:

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Its Nice. Thanks

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[OK, that last one didn't get the laughs.]


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