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During the server migration outage I passed some of the time reading about proteins (didn't you?). One great source of articles was this June 2016 newsletter by David Baker for the Institute for Protein Design:
At the end are a list of articles in the press and a list of the scientific publications they cover, all from the IPD!

My favorite was this Oct 2015 paper by Lin, Koga, et al which is an update on the state of "ideal" protein design.
It expands on the 2012 paper by Koga, Koga et al on designing ideal proteins, with more pictures of successful designs, comparison of some of the ideal loops we have been given in foldit, rules of thumb for sheet and helix lengths, and more!

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New paper: principles for beta barrel design

A new paper from the Baker Lab details principles for designing beta barrels. The official article may be behind a paywall, but you can access a PDF of the article (Dou, J et al. "De novo design of a fluorescence-activating β-barrel") from the Baker Lab website here: https://www.bakerlab.org/index.php/publications/

Some of you might remember this previous Foldit blog post from Anastassia Vorobieva, who is co-first author on this paper, and who worked out most of these principles for designing beta barrels. This paper expands on some of the themes in her blog post (scroll down to Extended Data Figures 1-3 in the paper).

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Summary articles

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