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I've created three accounts on three different emails, but after each registration, it says that it failed to send the email, but I was logged in. Then I try to log into the game client, but says my password is incorrect. I try to reset my password, but it says the same "failed to send email" notification.

Is there something wrong with the registration routine? What's up? Thanks in advance.

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This sounds like recent e-mail problems in Foldit:

http://fold.it/portal/node/2003114 describes other recent problems with Foldit e-mails.
These may have started because of a recent move of the Foldit server.
Please be patient and watch for responses from users with green and white ribbons next to their names.
These users are members of the Foldit team, not just fellow players like me.

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Hi there!

We definitely want to get you back up and playing. Please feel free to mail me from the email address you've registered from at cgs-info@cs.washington.edu - in the meantime I'll get the team alerted about this issue. :)

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Closing thread as this is now

Closing thread as this is now a duplicate issue, look for updates in feedback forum.


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