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If I remix 4 residues and find 2 poses, then remix 5 residues in the same place and find 8 poses, do those 8 include the 2 poses found at length 4?

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No, or at least not directly. I believe I had experimented with this at some point, but we decided to only include the max-length fragments because we really want you to use those. Longer fragments are more reliable scientifically. The other consideration is that this behavior could be pretty easily implemented via scripts, if so desired.

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Thanks for the response. Discussion in chat led to this clarification - please correct me if I'm wrong. Using longer lengths in remix does not mean making longer loops between structures. It means including more of the neighboring structure in the area to be remixed. Remixing a loop plus two sheet segments on either side will be more scientifically reliable than remixing the same loop plus one sheet segment on either side.

Thinking about how to use Timo's DRemixW script, now I know that including both length 6 and length 7 will not be duplicating the same poses, and maybe it is better to set the "from" length (1st slider) to 7 and the "to" length (2nd slider) to 6 so the longer remixes will be tried first for a given area. We already knew length 6 and 7 would find more poses to try than length 3 and 4, and now we know those poses will be more scientifically reliable.


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