When is an ideal loop not an ideal loop?

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I moved the top sheet down a little for better bonding. The ideal loop (frozen) was no longer ideal. Using Auto Structures the top sheet gained another sheet segment. The ideal loop and attached sheets were not moved at all, just the top sheet above.

The question is when is an ideal loop not ideal loop? Is moving other segments supposed to turn ideal loops into non-ideal loops?

The frozen ideal loop was initially found using Remix though I think the size "randomly" increased from 3 to 4 segments later on.

Before and after images attached:

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Excellent question. I think there must be something in the "auto-structure" that recognizes sheets and helices depending on bonds (and I suppose the bond quality or points, because you had the same number of bonds here).

If it changes above a certain threshold, it's possible that a freezed segment be recognised as (un)ideal) loop.

Interesting to see that it's not necessary to close the cut in order to change this. A new way to try to idealize loops. :)

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Discussion better suited for forum so it doesn't get lost in bug reports, let's take it there!


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