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I run Mac - El Capitan 10.11.6 - main

I have noticed a substantial slow down in client speed for some time now with recent updates.
Therefore I have been using an old one 20160728 -c4d88693d5-osx_x86 - about 2 months old.

Clearly this cannot go on as more updates appear - so today I took a completely fresh client. Once opened, I transferred my All.macro file across.
I also set the general options to match my old client - advanced GUI, no sound options etc.
new client 20161004 - 39881adc28-osx_x86

On this new client I loaded a saved solution of 1293b from the old client, ran blue fuse on it - then ran Tvdl enhanced DRW 2.8.1. all at LPW.
The script chose the first sequence of five segments to work on.
This rebuild took 46 minutes!

Somewhat stunned, I returned to the old client - ran Blue fuse then specified the same section of 5 segments and ran with all the same settings.
This took 16 minutes. So about 1/3rd of the time.

No other applications were running on my machine and the majority of the time the window was minimised. My fans only cut in with the old client. Chat was not affected in the old client whereas the new client lost chat a few times.

If there's any further info I can give, please advise. I hope u can help?

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Not seeing this issue with recent clients on Windows.

I'd suspect a low-level disk problem as one probable cause. On Windows, I've had a couple of systems start acting quirky, experiencing unexpected slowdowns and even crashes. In both cases, it turned out there were bad disk sectors. Windows utilities like chkdsk were unable to detect this condition.

Both systems were made by Lenovo. It turns out that Lenovo has a Linux boot disk with a utility to scan and correct this type of problem. Although this disk was listed as being for specific Lenovo models, it didn't seem to care, and ran just fine on a non-listed Lenovo model. Not sure if would work on other Windows systems (or perhaps even on a Mac?).

I was a little surprised by this, I'd previously thought that either the disks were smart enough to fix bad sectors on the fly, or that at least chkdsk could find and fix problems. Apparently this is incorrect.

I've since replaced both disks with SSDs, in an effort to ward off further problems and perhaps improve performance a bit.

Once upon a time, you'd see disks with a listed Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of over 100 years (expressed in hours). I was told that our company's MTBF calculations included the assumption you would replace the disk every five years. I see that Seagate is now using "Annual Failure Rate" (AFR) instead:

Bottom line, having a good backup is always a good idea.

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I doubt the disc issue - old little machine - but pretty new SSD in place of optical - and increased ram....heat sinks replaced about a year ago. Machine works well with everything - except this foldit issue at the moment.

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The faster drive still has to access other components, consumer machines are not designed to be thrashed 24x7 for years,, even Macs.

I only run one client if I play, with rare exceptions for a few hours only.

It would be great if the community could work out a cheap Linux or novel or similar set of hardware and software so you could easily set up a dedicated device within a reasonable price range - cheaper than buying gaming level rigs on any platform. i ran a windows cluster blade for a while and it was fantastic apart from the heat and the noise.

Also I doubt if the fabulous code we use for scripts has been optimised particularly well as it is focused on score not minimising wear and tear on hardware.

I have noticed that the clients don't seem to cause fatal crashes any more on my Mac for which I am very grateful, client crashes are ok and often caused by me anyway :)

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OK - so back to my original feedback. Nothing to do with age of machine - all to do with different behaviour between clients (on the same machine)

I have tried hard to duplicate the facts that I first listed after doing one thing on my machine. At one point it looked as tho it was to do with copying all.macro across to a fresh client. Again, whilst I saw the issue once, I could not duplicate it.

Prior to this I took the time to look at my Applications folder (this is where I run foldit from on my mac)

Now I'm no IT whizz (u guys all know this) but I have always assumed that an Application with a different name is entirely independent.

So I made another assumption - perhaps there's some 'bleed thro' between these apps. I might add here that I have a copy of every instance of foldit going back 5 years. Yes, I know that's very sad.

Now I also realise that many will immediately say that this is bad housekeeping and it probably is - but like I say, all the copies of foldit on my machine have different names.

So I spent a little time - compressed all the old ones I don't want (leaving 3 for luck) then stuck them in a subfolder. So they are no longer applications - they are archive.

Then I tried to duplicate the results I had had B4 with different all.macro files (the ones b4 GUI went wrong often caused slower speed ) - I could not.

I have downloaded about 8-10 fresh new clients 2day and spent the best part of 8 hours testing - I can say this....

The new client now works pretty close to the old client I was using (speed wise) And I have to assume that keeping old clients in applications (mac) is a bad move however they are named.

I hope this helps anyone else that has the same issue - I also hope that what I have now stays with me and doesn't do a goofy 2morrow! LOL


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might I also add - a big thx to all those in Vet that made suggestions - very much appreciated.

I have 'my' game back. :)

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just a note -- I did reload my cookbook fairly recently -- think late July or early August and from scratch. then had to segregate all the GUI recipes out. But my run speed is bad and I'm on a windows 7. keep having client hang. It is starting to be frustrating instead of fun right now. I add this just as possible diagnostic information.
I'm may take Frood's counsel and get rid of some old client back ups. However, my machine has always had trouble with clients hanging, freezing and not saving. It doesn't always update to server. And it can't do very large puzzles. so please at least keep some of our small ones. those who have worked the redo ones 4-5 times can leave them for those of us on the first or second round LOL

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Great suggestions for folks with older machines, thanks for following up!

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I'm afraid my jubilation was a tad too soon.

I'm back where I started. The current client continuously loses IRC and 'goes to sleep' when minimised.
The old client does neither of these things and still outperforms on speed by some margin.

I know not what else to do - except hope for help. :)

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I am running the same OS and have no problems.

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frood is running main on Mac, and the title bar of his client says "game_dynamic" where it should say "foldit". Mike is running devprev on Mac, and his title bar says "foldit" like it should. Is it possible the latest main client for Mac was built from a wrong source file?

Is anyone else running main on Mac, and what does the title bar of your game client say?

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I am running the current main client on a macbook pro and I have Game_Dynamic at the top of the screen. I can't remember precisely when it appeared, but it was within the last two or three updates, which I always take immediately.

I do not however appear to be having the same set of issues as Frood. My client and irc, (touchwood), seems relatively stable.

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I'm running the latest main update on Mac, and my game title bar says Foldit, but my Mac finder bar says game_dynamic. (as the attached screenshot shows). This started showing up between July 31st and August 2 of this year (looking at mac crashlogs and log.txt, on July 31st the lines that were supposed to say Foldit said Foldit, on August 2 these same lines said game_dynamic and I noticed at the time the game_dynamic on the game title bar like frood does now. I was having problems with a HD going bad on my machine so wrote off the issues to that... but it appears it didn't have anything to do with the HD problem.

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re 1296

It would appear that there are issues with showing old shares. I have taken fresh clients between the current and both the previous puzzles. The shares from 1249 show in 1274 (both 'foldit' clients) but shares from these are not shown in 1296 (game_dynamic) I had to open 1296 in the oldest client and reshare in order to see it in the current client.

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I decided to try changing from main to devprev again (I have not been able to get the edit to stick for some time now.

Success - the edit stuck.

I opened the client and inspected the release ID - alas it remains the main client as listed in my original feedback.

I have double checked the options.txt file and it clearly says "devprev"

I confirm the window still shows game_dynamic

TBO I did not think this would change anything - but thought I'd check anyway.

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I can confirm odd behavior in the latest client. Build:

Seems to be "sleeping" when minimized. Minimal activity (less than prior to new client)
Maximized puzzles behave somewhat as expected, high activity and GPU fan audible.
However, average minimized activity "should be" about 24% based on historic experience, but when minimized that activity drops off radically.
I am noticing that upon maximizing that it looks like not much has happened in recipes... they seem simply to stall, slow down to almost stopped. (whereas prior minimized puzzles kept working, these simply don't appear to be doing that.)
This is not normal.
.png files attached showing the chart.
FYI - energy saver is set to prevent computer from sleeping when display is off, and I have nothing set to sleep the hard drives.

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Log.txt file included in case it helps. Period just before posting log was about 5 minutes of minimized activity, prior to that I had all 4 clients (usually run that many without problems) maximized.

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Also please note how foldit shows up in the monitor list images I attached... as "game_dynamic"

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Being curious and stubborn, I decided to see if I could rule out the mac OS as an issue. To do that I had to install Sierra as I have no earlier OS backup.
And what should happen but the following (compare this to the after-minimizing png I posted above. While the mac finder title bar still says "game_dynamic," the game runs as expected minimized.

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So it appears the current client doesn't play well with El Capitan.

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I've brought it to the attention of the team to see if we need to revise our download link on the front page.

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Thanks inky! (this also applies to the devprev version, which I ran to see if it behaved differently/better before I upgraded to Sierra)

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Just another datapoint - I'm running an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014; 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5; 16 GB memory; SSD; AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB), and I get "Foldit" in the topmost menu bar, as well as on the top bar of the game window. I'm running Sierra. Version of game shows as 20161026-4422e3a127-osx_x86. Not having issues, but then I don't do sharing (not in any group). I have the game in the Downloads folder (I'm lazy, I know ....), but run as an Administrator user. GUI recipe runs fine (tested using recipe GUI_Set band strength to 0.3).

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crossposting link to forum poll for Mac users to capture how many are and aren't seeing "game_dynamic" - Please participate if you are playing on a Mac - thanks.

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As it turns out, the 'game_dynamic' is just a superficial label for the program. The appearance of this issue happens to coincide with other changes that were made at the time, so they may be related (and on the flip side, may not even be related and this appearance is a result of something else).

We are still investigating all the issues that have appeared under this particular label, but as for the 'game_dynamic' label itself, that's the word I got from jflat. Of course, we appreciate the hard work and diligence of actiasluna for starting this thread (and the ongoing reports, because frankly, the more data we have the more likely it is we can pinpoint and resolve these other issues that have come up since then) and for all the mac users (and others) that have contributed with more information. Thank you so much for your continued contributions (and patience) as we continue to work on issues that have vexxed folks for a while now.

I realize this sounds like a small, tiny fraction of an answer in the sea of several larger issues, but wanted to keep folks updated about what "game_dynamic" term means.

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FYI - I am now running my game (on my Mac hardware) using the Windows client on an external HD with Windows 10 installed due to too many crashes with my foldit Mac client. Still experiencing some crashing in the Windows environment that seems to be "more" than typical (whatever that means) ... I wonder if some testing could be done with a virtual connection... and someone at Foldit looking at/remotely working on my Mac while it's running both in the Mac OS and client and Windows 10 and Client to see if they can discover what might be going on?

Don't know if this is possible or if my schedule would permit but a team member mentioned this... makes sense as it's a common troubleshooting method these days.

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What a generous offer. I will check with the team and see what they say.


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