Is this a new feature or a glitch?

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Opened on:Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 23:50
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In the cookbook, if I take my mouse and glide over a recipe from right to left it gets highlighted without clicking on it. Oddly, I can highlight as many scripts as I want in a section. Quite often, the wrong script is selected to run...

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In old devprev, moving mouse over cookbook highlights one at a time. In new devprev, when the mouse leaves the cookbook the highlighting stays on, and when you mouse over again you can end up with two or several highlighted. This is true in both original and selection interface.

old: 20160805-86bc4e969d-win_x86-devprev
new: 20160830-fdb38222fb-win_x86-devprev

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An updated devprev, 20160901-5a1d216aff-win_x86-devprev, was released today. The update seems to have fixed the issue with multiple recipes being highlighted.

Changed topic to devprev.

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Closing as it appears to be fixed. Please reopen if this is not the case.


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