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Foldit scoring, when it uses filters, can be discouraging, frustrating, and downright annoying.

The latest filter, Ideal Loops, was the "last straw" ... and on puzzle 1269, when combined with the Sheets filter (and how the IL filter sees sheets that are missing bonds as loops which is maddening), and the residue fiters, SS filters...It's incredibly frustrating to find a good score.

Using game rationale which I understand was to use positive points to reflect a lower energy score from a protein for a good fold... What if, Instead of showing up as penalties, the bonuses are there only as a reward for an even better fold.
I think that this is the intent of filters, but the way that they are scored makes them punishment until a folder does well. (stick followed by carrot, if you will).

I think this would encourage rather than discourage. I've scrapped so many designs for puzzles because they didn't meet the filters and that got me to thinking that there has to be a more positive way to get results.

What do you think?

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I think this would be a fantastic forum discussion, as it may generate new ideas and better feedback there.

Could you repost it there? :)


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