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I recently tried upgrading Windows 7 and 8.1 laptops to Windows 10.
I succeeded with the Windows 8.1 laptop but not the Windows 7 one.
The Windows 7 one now seems to be stuck in an unusual state.
Do any of you feel savvy enough with the Windows 10 upgrade process
to help me get it back to Windows 7 or all the way to Windows 10?
If so, please send me a Foldit e-mail.

I did get MediaCreationTool.exe from
and made a USB Flash Drive to install from before the 7/29/16 deadline.

I did start the upgrade before the 7/29/16 deadline.
I saw a big circle on my screen surrounding text up to 32%.
I saw "copying files 99%" on my screen.
I saw "installing features and drivers 5%".
I saw warnings that my PC would restart several times.
At some point the screen went black and stayed that way.

I have turned the computer on and off many times since then.
Usually it starts with a Dell screen with options F2 (setup) and F12 available.
Then it has a black screen with a blue window (seems to be the symbol for Windows 10)
and some spinning dots below it.
Then the screen goes black and stays that way.
Sometimes I hear music like the computer used to make at startup,
but now the screen is all black.
Sometimes I hear a beep noise.

I have tried using F12 to boot from the USB flash drive.
F12 also has options like Diagnostics and Enter Setup.

In my various attempts, I've seen many options & messages on the
screen like "Recovery", "Advanced Repair Options", "Restart My PC",
"Exit & Continue to Windows 10", "Troubleshoot", "System Restore",
"System Image Recover", "Command Prompt", "Startup Settings",
"Startup Repair", "Go Back to Previous Build", "Diagnosing PC",
"Attempting Repairs", "To Continue Upgrade, Remove Media and Click Yes",
"For Clean Install, Do Not Remove Media but Click No", "Repair Computer",
"Install Now", "Setup is Starting", "Enter Product Key", "Windows 10
Home x64 4/27/16", "Accept License?", "Upgrade Install Windows & Keep Files
Settings & Applications", "Reset PC", "Installing Windows" with "15%" inside
a circle and "Installing Features & Drivers 25%" below that, "A driver
is missing", "browse for driver", etc.

There are also 4 little lights in the lower left corner of my laptop.
When the screen goes black and stays that way, some of these lights stay
lit or flash. From left to right they look like the on/off symbol,
a cylinder (hard drive?), a battery, and an antenna (internet connection?).

Thanks for reading. Please help!

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fail up gradation of windows 10 on unusual status.

when I was updating my pc from windows 8 to windows 10 it upgrades usefully but it takes almost 24 hr. But After upgradation a new update came and then my laptop goes to the same situation that you have faced while upgrading windows 7. But I tried to rollback it. I took help from windows technical Support to fix this it. It took 1 hr to rollback to previous windows 10 version.


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