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1266: Disordered Electron Density: Crystal Symmetry
Status: Closed


Name: 1266: Disordered Electron Density: Crystal Symmetry
Status: Closed
Created: 08/01/2016
Points: 0
Expired: 08/08/2016 - 23:00
Difficulty: Advanced
Description: Note: This puzzle is worth zero points, and will not affect player rankings. Solutions from Puzzle 1230 or Puzzle 1221 cannot be loaded correctly into this puzzle; players should avoid loading previous solutions into this puzzle.

This is a followup to Puzzle 1230, now with crystal symmetry! Many of the solutions from Puzzle 1230 had severe clashes when modeled in the crystal lattice; this puzzle includes nearby symmetric copies in the crystal lattice. Because it is slow to display all symmetric proteins, we recommend that players hide the symmetric copies during most of their folding. You can hide symmetric copies in the View menu by unchecking the box "Show Symmetric Chains" (make sure you've already checked Menu->General Options->Show advanced GUI).

This electron density puzzle features two proteins: the first is a large well-ordered helical protein that is mostly frozen in place. This binder protein has two flexible loops that bind a second, mostly disordered, substrate protein. The substrate protein is provided here as an extended chain, and is completely flexible. We know that the substrate protein is bound to the binder protein somewhere in this crystal structure. But it seems that the substrate is able to adopt several different shapes, making the electron density very difficult to interpret. We’re asking Foldit players to help us find the ways that the substrate protein can bind to the binder protein! Fold up the extended chain and dock it next to the flexible loops of the binder to improve your score!
Categories: Electron Density, Overall, Prediction

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User offline. Last seen 16 hours 27 min ago. Offline
Joined: 10/02/2011
1230 save does not load in ED cloud

When I load a save from 1230 the helix part is not even in the ED cloud. I can't move it in there because it is locked. Center Protein on Density crashes the client. This puzzle is broken.

Edit: It's not just the main protein that is misplaced when I load an old solution. The cloud is no longer centered among the symmetry copies, and two of the symmetry copies have wandered off into space: http://fold.it/portal/files/chatimg/irc_341210_1470114969.png

See the log file in the feedback thread for the error messages that were thrown when it was trying to draw the symmetry copies.

gitwut's picture
User offline. Last seen 3 years 20 weeks ago. Offline
Joined: 05/18/2012
Groups: Contenders
Unplayable by most standards

This puzzle crashes every few minutes and takes an average of 5 minutes per shake cycle. This is on a Intel core Skylake i7-6700K x64-based processor with 16 GB RAM and GeForce GTX 970 graphics card (4GB dedicated, 8GB shared memory). It takes twice as much CPU and memory than either 1264 or 1265.

These type puzzles, where you know you're pushing the boundaries on what's been achievable by the client software up until now, should really be tested before release to the entire Foldit community.

It should be changed to zero score and closed. If there is any "b" version released, it will have to be substantially smaller than it currently is.

There really needs to be more of a balance between keeping to a schedule and the amount of grief you subject the general Foldit community to.

Believe it or not, people who knows me would probably say that I'm the most laid back and agreeable person they know. I don't like having to write feedbacks and commments of this tone. Unfortunately, no one else seems willing to step forward and be honest or blunt about it.

Joined: 12/01/2011
Groups: Go Science
Unplayable indeed

First move
Tried to center protein on density....crash

Merf's picture
User offline. Last seen 41 min 44 sec ago. Offline
Joined: 01/01/2010
Groups: None
Still no response to the non

Still no response to the non updating scoreboard issue. This is discourteous to put it kindly. Or, to be blunt, downright rude! I'm sure that the community appreciates that at this time of the year people go on vacations, but even so, some form of acknowledgment would be appreciated. Meanwhile, I guess that teeth will continue to be gnashed, hair will continue to be pulled, and imprecations thrown at the Foldit powers that be!


Joined: 05/26/2008
Groups: Hold My Beer
foldit team is likely all

foldit team is likely all sleeping, its the middle of the night in Seattle.

gitwut's picture
User offline. Last seen 3 years 20 weeks ago. Offline
Joined: 05/18/2012
Groups: Contenders
Apparently not sleepless in Seattle

Puzzle 1266 is a grenade tossed out to the community before the devs "retired". A pattern they seem particularly fond of. It has everything to do with what Merf said: discourtesy bordering on rudeness to the Foldit players.

The scoreboard problem has been a reported issue for many days now.

Throwing out what appears to be a totally broken puzzle only compounds frustration of the situation. They knew they were stretching the limits of the client before any of them were released. On top of that, it's quite obvious that no client testing was done on 1266. The least they could've done was monitor chat for a period of time after it was released.

Joined: 05/26/2008
Groups: Hold My Beer
Did some local wiggles at

Did some local wiggles at 165/166 this cleared up a nasty clash that was causing the crashes and flipping of protein wildly on my end. Still agonizingly slow, but seems much more workable now. Wiggles and shakes are ok (its not much worse than running with all filters on on smaller puzzles) but the rebuilds are indeed agonizing.

Merf's picture
User offline. Last seen 41 min 44 sec ago. Offline
Joined: 01/01/2010
Groups: None
Well, reluctantly, I too have

Well, reluctantly, I too have given up on 1266. It is just not playable, at least not on my quad core. Multiple crashes, very, very slow when it works at all, this is simply not playable in its present form, as Gitwut has already stated. It's a pity, it has real potential for amusement.
I appreciate that it is nightime in Seattle but the silence from the Foldit team suggests benightment as much as anything else.
Unusual for the team to be so tardy though.


bkoep's picture
User offline. Last seen 1 hour 10 min ago. Offline
Joined: 11/15/2012
Groups: Foldit Staff
Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you all for the prompt feedback! Since so many people have had difficulty running this puzzle, we've amended the puzzle so it is worth zero points. If you find this puzzle too frustrating, please do not feel obligated to play it! Because we are still interested in any work that Foldit players are able to do, we will leave the puzzle posted for now.

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about the problems with sharing between puzzles 1230 and 1221. Solutions from previous puzzles will load in a position that is incompatible with the crystal symmetry. The puzzle should not have been posted to allow sharing. Sorry for this oversight!

Merf's picture
User offline. Last seen 41 min 44 sec ago. Offline
Joined: 01/01/2010
Groups: None
Well, that's something, I

Well, that's something, I suppose. But it does nothing for the non reporting scoreboard issue. Is that problem insoluble (has this any connection to the recent advent of Amazon? Probably not but who knows.) or is it that the chap who deals with this kind of thing on holiday. It seems to be an ongoing issue too. That is as the puzzles that report expire, the replacing puzzles fail to report. Odd that it is now many days since this problem was first mentioned. Does no one at Foldit realise that the punters like to be kept informed of the actions proposed for the remedying of this tiresome issue? It would be a courtesy
if nothing else.


Joined: 01/01/2016
Groups: Gargleblasters
Indeed, it's like being stuck

Indeed, it's like being stuck on a train stopped between stations in the middle of nowhere, all the passengers are waiting for an announcement from the guard.

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Egad!!! Yeeeeehaa, even! We

Egad!!! Yeeeeehaa, even! We have scoring. Thank you it's nice to have it back.


jamiexq's picture
User offline. Last seen 5 hours 37 min ago. Offline
Joined: 07/31/2011
not just this puzzle

This is not just about a puzzle having problems and you don't have to play it if you don't want your client crashing every few minutes. After this puzzle crashes your client, you cannot even log back into foldit.
These issues keep adding up, I have to disable ALL sound devices on my windows 10 laptop to even ATTEMPT to play any puzzle, much less, playing this zero point puzzle and then not being able to get back in to play ANY puzzle.

toshiue's picture
User offline. Last seen 26 min 34 sec ago. Offline
Joined: 01/31/2016
Groups: Go Science
at least you got far enough to crash...:)

Along the lines of what gitwut initially posted, and to put a scale on what he reported, my first ten consecutive attempts to open the puzzle all locked the system as soon as the puzzle initially appeared on screen. Hardware-wise, something less than what gitmut is running. i7-4770@3.4GHz, Win7-64, 32GB ram, GTX645 w/ 2GB, and I can't even get it started. Would have loved to have played this, wish such had been possible.

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