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I feel it would be best to go sans audio. Yes, eliminate the game system beeps and boops along with the background music. I am running the linux version and the sounds have been buggy for years. I have had to run with the "padsp/Foldit" command line for a while now. I prefer to mute the sounds anyway, they are distracting and add nothing to the experience. I am usually listening to or watching something while Foldit is running in the background.
Foldit isn't a 90's console game. I think most of the community would do without this "feature" for more stability.

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I agree. The second I figured out how to turn off the sound I did. I occasionally watch videos and don't want foldit sound on as well.

My laptop is one with foldit audio problems. Every two minutes foldit crashes. Disabling the audio driver keeps it from crashing. I've had no crashes since the audio was disabled. Seems to be more stable.

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This would better be addressed in a separate forum post thread, for greater discussion. Let's reserve the feedback forum more for bugs related to sound. :)


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