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Opened on:Friday, July 29, 2016 - 12:26
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Scoreboard for 1261 and 1264 not updating properly. I'm told by teammates that the scores I'm seeing are not the best scores. Compared to the website puzzle page scoreboard is not correct either.

I use Macintosh system 10.11.6 Macintosh El Capitan


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All clients stopped receiving updated scores from server Thursday evening, but were still pushing new scores up to the server. It's normal for one client to stop receiving scores if another client on the same machine is updated (accepts a software update) but this is the first time I have seen clients stop receiving scores when no client on the machine has been updated.

Stopped all clients, opened a new one and accepted the update (devprev) and opened 1261 - still did not receive my highest score from the server until I changed to the track having that score, when my highest appeared in solo scores. My team high from the server still does not appear in the team scores of the updated client.

Until this is cleared up, everyone should assume the scores in their clients are incorrect and correct scores can only be found on the website.

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definitely seeing this exact same behavior.

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Scoreboards are not updating, and Puzzle 1265 isn't loading the player or group list.

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a) Scoreboards still not updating (Puzzle 1264 - I have actually 9507 points),
after restarting game the server shows me an old score on selection puzzle screen

b) [x] Network timeout disable - not memorizing anymore after restart

Did they give us an 'update' of a very old software from the ages of 'No sound'
instead disabling sound with latest version?

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Also seeing the scoring issue and in addition am getting a reoccurrence of the crashing that occurred before the recent update. It ran great after the update for a few hours and now it's not running more than several minutes before it shuts down.

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Well it's 3PM Eastern time on Monday August 1 and haven't seen a peep from the "team" at UWash. Correct scoring is only available from the website; still. Hopefully we will hear something from them today. The scoring issue is a pain and inconvenient. The crashes are more problematic and need to be addressed soonest.

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While I do agree crashes are top priority, we have no idea what unintended effects result from scoring not working. This new scoring bug may actually increase crashes or cause other bugs. Scoring worked before the last update and should be restored. This will reduce the chances of additional bugs introduced.

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Just to clarify what the issue is exactly:
Scores are uploaded to the server
Server does not sent correct scores to the game interface.
So the scoreboard on the server that is used to update clients is not correctly working.
The scoreboard on the site is showing the correct scores.

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Same thing here. Scoreboard in game showing only my scores, apparently accurately. Can see no other players' scores in game (and at the point it froze on games started before this bug began. Scoreboard on site updating correctly. All in my group are experiencing the same issues.
With the frequent crashes and now this, and still no word from UW team about it, players are getting noisy and a little nervous.
Am opting also not to play the ED puzzle due to all the above. (probably save my score average, but 1261 was sufficiently crashy and until a fix is up, not going there.

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Team's aware of the issue, I was also out sick yesterday.

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"(and" should be "only ^ ... distracted typing, feh!

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This should be fixed, feel free to reopen if it's not the case. :)


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