Server returned nothing (no data, no headers) at end of update

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Opened on:Thursday, July 28, 2016 - 01:52
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I live in an area of very slow internet, and updates normally take a long time to download.

Twice now I have waited for the new update to download (hours), and at the end seen this error message:

Server returned nothing (no data, no headers)

The next time I open a client, it tries to download the update again.

Is this one of the whacky things from the server migration, or just the fun of living in SW Outer Nowhere?

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It sounds like an internet issue on your end, unfortunately. Anyone else having this issue?

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I was afraid that would be the reason. I love where I live for a lot of reasons, but fast internet is not one of them.

It's just so frustrating to wait for an update to download one byte at a time, and then have it fail.

I can drag my laptop in to our business, we have slightly faster internet down there.


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