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Hi, can anyone tell me if there are any video game developers that specialise in creating science games like Foldit?

In other words, aside from the Center for Game Science, are there any organisations or firms that scientists can approach with a research problem that looks amenable to this kind of crowdsourced gaming approach, and that might then design such a game?

Many thanks

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Science Games:

Here are some other science games (some may be from CGS):

EteRNA, EyeWire, Phylo, and GalaxyZoo.
I think GalaxyZoo is part of a family of games in which players classify images.
Even parts of memorize.com might be considered as Science Games,
because they drill various science concepts in multiple choice and matching modes.

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Thanks Jeff. I've seen the

Thanks Jeff. I've seen the various 'zoo' projects.

What I really mean though is game developers, either for- or non-profit, that work with scientists to develop games and try to bring them to mass market.

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I wonder if the makers of the Neopets site would be into this. They have many puzzle and educational games that drill spelling, math, typing, etc. They have a pretend stock market, and players can buy, sell, and trade virtual items in their own virtual shops or via the Trading Post or auction facilities. Each week they have a contest called the Lenny Conundrum that featutes a math, science, code, etc. problem.

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A fine database

One of several, actually, if you do a web search on "citizen science":


Hope that helps.

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Have heard of

Have heard of http://scientificgames.com who have a lot of game developers in their team, but not sure if they can be approached for research problems.


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