Contact map select region needed

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Opened by:Timo van der Laan
Opened on:Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 14:06
Last modified:Thursday, July 21, 2016 - 01:23

WIth a puzzle like 1261 it is getting hard to select contact points.

We really need a way to select a region in the contact map and select only the contacts in that region.
So pls add a button to select a region (rectangular) and a button to select the contacts in there.

Especially needed for people with small displays.

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I agree this would be useful. The sheer number of contacts makes working with them one area at a time necessary, just to be able to see the red & green lines in the protein.

Most or all of the requests we have made for additional features in the contact map (including this one) could be addressed by giving us lua access to the contact map (select, deselect, is selected) and letting us write scripts to do what we want. Crowd-sourcing ftw!

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Please, please - selection ability

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Alternative (maybe easier to implement):
Do not draw the lines if it is not a contact, even do not draw the box itself in the contact map when selected, then we can just hoover over a region while selecting with the right mouse click on.


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