Application size grows from @180 to >560 and slows down the game.

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Brought up on vet chat: A question for foldit concerning the new ideal loop filter: Is anyone else with a Mac experiencing worse “application bloat” since it was rolled out? The application size gets bigger faster and the puzzles with mutate (like 1251) run much slower than before the filter went main. I’m on a 3.4 GHz Intel Quad Core i7 mac with 24 gig RAM & an NVIDIA GeForce GTX video card with 2 gigs RAM and still bog down on these.
Player Marktoo mentioned:
Having to install a fresh client after every puzzle that uses this filter as the application size goes from about 180 to nearly 600 megs through a puzzle cycle.
I have a 4.4GHz i7, 32gig RAM and a GTX 980ti with 4gig on Win7 pro and it's painfully slow for me too. Haven't noticed any large increases in app size but I dont pay much attention to it so probably wouldnt
Once the application size on the Mac increases to a certain point, any other client I run (whether it has the ideal loops filter or not) runs very slow. Thus the need to reinstall fresh.

This has been happening since I started playing Foldit in 2014... but is worse with the ideal loops filter. Am checking the "handle leaks" links jeff101 recommended and wanted to get this recorded

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Are these problems all related? Open Handles Leak in Foldit. growth of log.txt file.

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Sometimes when mac users say their app is getting larger, they mean their app *directory* is getting larger, not their executable - the app directory contains app data, and the more puzzles you play the more stored solutions are in there. Are you looking at the size of the app on the disk (really the app directory) or in memory?

jflat did say the improved remix tool was adding database data, and that came out roughly the same time as the ideal loop filter - that would make the app directory bigger, and could make load time longer - not sure it would have an effect on overall speed.

A large log.txt file would also make the app directory larger, but I think the bloated log.txt problem was fixed some time ago.

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To my knowledge, the open handles issue is not influencing application size in the same manner.

Foldit client size in RAM memory, loaded with a puzzle, has always been 600 - 900 Megabytes for me. Occasionally this will be 1.2 Gb or so.

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I take back what I said about the bloated log.txt file being fixed - I just checked log.txt after a crash and found 27MB of nulls in it after the unhandled exception report. I have been finding thousands of nulls in log.txt each time I check it after a crash in the last week (I have been purposely causing crashes so that has been several times), but never as many as this. I only check it after a crash, so I have no idea if the nulls are being written at any other time.


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