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I am new to this and just registered. I am curious how this protein could be made better
(get more points) and how that would be done if possible to answer.

Thank you :)

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Helixes (and sheets) score

Helixes (and sheets) score better if parallel, straight, and adjacent to each other. The red circles indicate voids so the helixes should be closer together. The blue sidechains should be on the outside while the brownish-orange sidechains should be on the inside.

Note, these are only general suggestions and don't always apply. If there were simple answers foldit wouldn't require player input since a computer could easily determine the optimal solution. The ultimate shape the puzzle naturally folds to is determined by which of the 20 different amino acids are used and in what order. The puzzle you posted has around 35 amino acids so there are 20^35 (3,435,973,836,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) possible amino acid combinations.

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Thanks Tom, I appreciate your

Thanks Tom, I appreciate your answer. Still getting used to how the all the "moves" work in getting as close to a perfect solution as possible.

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In this case, this puzzle

In this case, this puzzle being a Tutorial one, a little bit more of shake / wiggle could possibly improve it. If not then a reset and try again approach if suggested. Most tutorials can be done in a few actions following the hints given and if not reaching the required points at that time only need to be re-done until one is more proficient with the tool(s) demonstrated. Good Luck.

Remark: Tom`s comments would certainly apply to a free design chain but not in this case.

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Thanks Bertro, appreciate it.

Thanks Bertro, appreciate it. I ll keep on working on it.

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On the picture

We see that you reached 8712 points out of 8600 needed for the Tutorial.

Is this a bug? I think you can stop this and go to further tutorials or real puzzles :)


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