List number of bands on "Remove Bands" button and number of enabled/disabled bands on "Disable/Enable Bands" button:

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It would be nice if one could monitor the number of bands in the protein
directly in the Foldit GUI. For example, you could put the total # of bands
on the "Remove Bands" button. Also, if the "Disable Bands" button is showing,
put the # of enabled bands on it. Next, if the "Enable Bands" button is
showing, put the # of disabled bands on it. Finally, whenever the player
or a recipe changes these numbers, please update the numbers on the buttons.

Thanks again!

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If there were 17 enabled and 3 disabled bands in use,
the buttons could say "Remove 20 Bands", "Disable 17 Bands",
and "Enable 3 Bands". For a mix of enabled and disabled bands
like in this example, it might also be good to have all 3 buttons
available at the same time.


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