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i'm high school student from south korea, and i'm looking for some scientific principle.
As we are going to write a paper about "The stability of protein structure, we find this program and want to understand how it works. We want to know what is the exact criterion of the score on the top. I guess it is based on energy function.
If the score is based on objective standard, then what is that standard? Please explain in numerically, and precisely.
Thus, we also want to know what color, or shape in Foldit means, and how it affect to it's stability.

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If there are any things about scientific material, pleeeeease share me

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Hello Alisa,

Yes it's linked to energy. Foldit score is calculated as:
10 * (800 - Rosetta Energy) = Foldit Score

We are trying to minimize the energy by rising our score.

Roseta Energy is a model (not 100% accurate but quite "standard").

You can find most of the information you are looking for by searching with keywords on the Foldit site.

Or you can start with the FAQ.

More scientific explanations are in the Blog.

Some answers are in the forum, few of them in the feedback.

Further scientific explanations are in the published papers (e;g. in years 2010-2012). Use keywords as Foldit and authors as "Foldit Players" in scientific journals databases.

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