Make the Score Panel a moveable panel

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Opened by:bertro
Opened on:Sunday, May 22, 2016 - 01:39
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Please make the Score Panel a moveable panel like the Cookbook, Behavior Options, Recipe Output...panels.

I use a dual screen setup for working with some Foldit puzzles that require lots of panels to be open (Drug Design being the new one). But it makes for the Score panel to be split in two parts between the two screen making the Conditions info a bit difficult to read.


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Many things in the options.txt file have h w x y values like below:

 "behavior_options/h" : "188"
 "behavior_options/w" : "270"
 "behavior_options/x" : "421"
 "behavior_options/y" : "334"

 "cookbook/h" : "231"
 "cookbook/w" : "231"
 "cookbook/x" : "421"
 "cookbook/y" : "334"

 "menu/h" : "109"
 "menu/w" : "881"
 "menu/x" : "421"
 "menu/y" : "334"

 "social/h" : "109"
 "social/w" : "151"
 "social/x" : "421"
 "social/y" : "334"

 "tracks/h" : "275"
 "tracks/w" : "250"
 "tracks/x" : "296"
 "tracks/y" : "196"

 "undo/h" : "229"
 "undo/w" : "808"
 "undo/x" : "421"
 "undo/y" : "334"

 "view_options/h" : "708"
 "view_options/w" : "555"
 "view_options/x" : "421"
 "view_options/y" : "334"

I think these are h=height w=width and x,y=position on screen.
Nevertheless, I don't see any h w x y values for the Score Panel.

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Waw ! You make me discover that I have more display options than thought ! Thanks jeff101 !

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I too would like to be able to move/minimise the score panel and while we're on the topic I would prefer to be able to scroll through all the names/positions/scores without there being gaps where you can't see who the players are without checking on the puzzle page of the website.

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Bump for this suggestion.

With the added vertical space required to show Conditions/Filters in Design (now 6, plus Cutpoint info, plus scoring mode) this panel would benefit our working real estate if it was movable.



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