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Whenever one of my students clicks on the Play button, they get an error message "Error Opening Zip File" . the same thing happens whether it is a contest I created or one of the posted contests.

My class ICHS Chemistry 2016 and students are listed as playing the game, but their foldit programs don't su\how the contests. When I have the students download them again, they do appear in the list of contests, but the zip file error prevents them from playing the contest.

We're using MacBook Pro laptops with Yosemite installed.

How can this be fixed?

Thank you.

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Even Stranger

When I tried a MacBook Air in school on the same network that the class MacbookPro laptops use, the contests can be played with no problem. So it is not the Internet connection that is the issue. To summarize, the class laptops can't play the contests, even though the group page shows that the students have joined the contests. There is a zip file error. When using a Macbook Air (we have only one), users can play the contests.

What could be going on?

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Can the student computers

Can the student computers open zip files when they are not playing foldit? School IT staff disable all kinds of things on student computers - maybe the zip file utility is one of them? Just a stab in the dark - I don't actually know if foldit uses zip files or what utility (if any) it uses to decompress data brought down from the server.

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Thanks for the suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion about the zip file opening. It's a logical one to try. Of course, I'll have to create - somehow - a zip file to test. It's very hectic at school now with the end of the year and the seniors graduating soon. So I may have to wait a bit to try this.

I must say it is disappointing that no one knowledgeable and connected with creating or maintaining the foldit site has replied to my post. This tech snafu seriously impacts my ability to use foldit as part of the class. I don't see how I can use it next year if students can't play the contests.

And the stranger thing is I made one of the students an Admininstrator and still got the same result. Admins can do anything right?

Thanks again.

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Susume made a good suggestion

Susume made a good suggestion about the zip files being disabled by IT, but since this doesn't appear to be the case, the additional information helps. We'll see what we can find out.


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