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After I click on a puzzle to copy it to my foldit, the puzzles don't appear.

I already have 10 puzzles. Is there a limit?

How can I delete puzzles from my foldit that I don't need anymore?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mark -

Did the website give you a confirmation that the puzzle was successfully downloaded to your client?

Did you try pressing the "Refresh" button in the client's puzzle list? You either need to do that, or you need to restart the client to get it to show up.

For deleting old puzzles, there's no easy way, but you can delete the puzzle files from the game directory. They will be listed as PUZZLE_ID.ir_puzzle, along with some PUZZLE_ID.ir_puzzle.something files. The puzzle ID is the number shown in the URL on the webpage for the puzzle.

You may also just be able to delete them all, and the client should automatically redownload any current puzzles. I haven't tested this, so I can't guarantee it wont mess anything up.

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If you download one from the

If you download one from the website that is expired, I expect you have to check "show expired puzzles" in order for it to show up in the list. Also be aware that any text you put in the search textbox will narrow the list to puzzles with titles that match the text. There is no limit to how many puzzles you can have in your history - I have several hundred. There is no downside to leaving them there (except they make start-up a little slower when there are a lot of them).

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Thank you - Show Expired

Thank you - Show Expired Puzzle revealed the puzzles. I didn't realize they were expired, but now it makes sense.

I also have duplicates now. How can they be deleted to clean up the listing? I didn't quite understand the previous reply.

Thanks in advance.

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two ways to download puzzles

To clarify, there are actually two ways to download a puzzle in Foldit.

The main way is through the Foldit client, from the Puzzles menu. This is where the option to "show expired puzzles" appears. The puzzle menu normally shows around three active puzzles, but sometimes Foldit central goes a little nuts and we have four or five available. The puzzle menu may also show beginner puzzles is the corresponding option is checked, and devprev puzzles is you are on the devprev release.

It's also possible to download puzzles from the website. I suspect most users don't even know about this, but there's a link after the scoreboards that says "Need this puzzle? Download it to your Foldit here.".

This download path works like downloading a recipe from the website. Using some IRC magic, it will send the puzzle to your IRC-connected client. You can have only one client connected to IRC at a time.

If you use the website path to download puzzles, check the status at the top of the page. It's normally "active" or "closed".

There's no easy way to clean up old puzzles in Foldit. Some of the puzzle files end up in the main install directory, while others end up in a subdirectory under "puzzles". The Foldit file and directory structure page on the Foldit wiki gives the details.

My solution is to start with a fresh installation of Foldit from time to time. You'll probably want to copy your options.txt and all.macro files from your old installation if you go this route.

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Wisch there was a whey to editte these things. Missed "is the corresponding option is checked" and "is you are on the devprev release". Oh well.


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