ED Threshold Slider doesn't give good control

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Opened on:Saturday, May 7, 2016 - 21:43
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On all the ED puzzles I have seen, the top 75% of the Threshold slider is useless (as it erases too much of the cloud) and the bottom 25% does not give fine enough control (a tiny movement can change the cloud too much). Is there any way this could be improved?

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I can adjust the function that the slider uses to set the threshold.

Right now it is a linear function of thresh*0.89+0.01

(the slider value goes from 0.0 to 1.0).

I can change this to be a non-linear function to give more resolution in certain areas. It sounds like you want more resolution at the bottom of the slider value and less at the top? I might be able to just readjust the linear function if that's the case.

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Yes, more resolution at the left-hand end and less at the right-hand end would be great.


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