structure shortcuts (L, K, J) gone in devprev selection interface

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The shortcuts for assigning secondary structure in the selection interface have been removed in the current devprev release (20160423-5ba7ec52b8-win_x86-devprev).

Previously, "k" changed selected segments to helix, "j" changed them to sheet, and "l" changed them to loop.

In the new devprev, "l" instead opens a sub-menu, similar to "m" for mutate sub-menu. The structure sub-menu offers helix, sheet, loop, and auto as options, but only by clicking the buttons. There are no keyboard shortcuts.

Based on how the mutate sub-menu works, it seems like the old shortcuts could be restored to the new structure sub-menu. The mutate sub-menu shortcuts override the normal shortcuts. For example, "m" for "mutate" becomes "m" for "methionine", and "l" for "loop" becomes "l" for "leucine" when mutate is selected. The structure sub-menu could use the same trick to override the base shortcuts, and it could even add "a" for "auto".

(Speaking of auto structures, it's still broken in this devprev release. Selecting all segments and then doing auto structure will turn the last segment into a ligand. This bug was fixed at one point in main, but it's been back for several releases now.)

Also, in the experimental release, the "l" shortcut is overloaded. With a segment selected, it's still "loop", but with a ligand selected, it's "ligand mode". This does not seem like a problem, but it is something to be aware of going forward, once "experimental" and "devprev" merge.

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Yes I can not change secondary structures; MAC devprev

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On Windows, when you have something selected, the "L" (actually lowercase "l") shortcut should be available. It uses the same icon as the auto-structures tool As the attached image shows, when you type "L" or click the icon, you get a sub-menu with the structure options.

Not sure if this will work, but here's the image in-line:

structures sub-menu

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Thanks! Solved.

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With the latest release, 20160502-30496ba116-win_x86, the L, K, and J shortcuts have been added to the structure sub-menu or "drawer".

There's still no shortcut for auto, and the auto tool still gives a false ligand, but having the shortcuts again is handy.

Changing the status to closed. Fast work!

structure sub-menu with shortcuts


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