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When I updated the Fold.it program tonight, my ranking score stayed, but my protein puzzle reverted back to the original untouched version both with score and picture of the protein.

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Some tactics for recovering a

Some tactics for recovering a lost high scoring pose:
1) Click Undo, Restore Absolute Best, or Restore Credit Best.
2) Click Undo, Tracks, and see if there is another track (besides default) that might contain your high score. Click on the other track name to switch to it, and use Restore Absolute Best.
3) Click Menu, Open/Share, Show Autosaves. Look for a save in the right hand panel that has your high score in it. Click that one and click Load.

It's a good idea to save your work periodically using Menu, Save - then those saves will be in the right hand panel when you click Menu, Open/Share. Ideally the game will always remember where you were, but mistakes do happen.

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Occasionally I'll save many

Occasionally I'll save many versions of the same design for a puzzle. Some versions haven't performed and I want eliminate all the non-performing tracks. A few times I've accidentally deleted the track with the Credited Best score. I have never found a way to retrieve the Credited Best score once this happens even using "Show auto and quick saves."

Is there any way the Credited Best score can be recovered? It must exist on the server because once the puzzle has expired the Credited Best score is displayed as my final puzzle score.

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deleting tracks deletes saved solutions

Most of the work you do on a track is stored in .ir_solution files as follows:



c:\Foldit is where you have Foldit installed,
*puzzleid* is the numeric id of the puzzle (the last part of its web page URL)
*userid* is your numeric userid
*track* is the track name, for example "default"

Unfortunately, if you delete a track, the *track* directory and all its files get deleted. So there's no way to recover them unless you've made a backup. (The *track* directories are how the client keeps track of tracks, see the "fun fact" below.)

There are also .ir_solution files written directly to c:\Foldit. If I recall correctly, this is where autosaved solutions end up.

It's not clear when solutions get uploaded automatically to Foldit central.

See also Foldit file and directory structure on the wiki.

Fun fact: you can create your own track by copying an existing one. For example, for a given puzzle, copy the "default" folder under "puzzles" and rename it "sam". It won't show up in the track menu, but if you create a new track "sue", the client refreshes the list, and both "sam" and "sue" will now be available. I'm not sure if this fun fact has any practical application.

See also this feedback.

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and you don`t even have to

and you don`t even have to create a new track to see the new one, just switching to another track will update the track list thus showing any new tracks created manually (as LociOiling suggests) or thru the use of another open client from that same c:\Foldit directory.


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