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Something is not quite right in veteran. The attached image (Image7.png) shows comments from zkm, who has 2 global soloist points. Other suspect players (Image8.png) in veteran include yoyoparis (21 points), DScott (3 points), HMK (6 points), Satina (75 points), Vinara (46 points), frogss554 (14 points), lockert (2 points), nathanmills (2 points), and pfirth (8 points). There may be others I've overlooked.

It's not like we discuss state secrets, but this is supposed to be an exclusive club.

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H'mmm, feedback from other players indicates this has been going on a while. Well-known player hoglahoo has been in veteran quite a while. I'd hate to kick out established community members on the basis of points, so maybe just ignore the issue.

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My Global Soloist Score is 1 right now, but I have been playing off and on since 2012. I hope I still have access to Vet Chat. If I don't, I guess I'll have to go clobber some Beginner Puzzles until I get access to Vet Chat again.

Perhaps the Soloist Hall of Fame is a better way to estimate who is a Veteran and who is not.

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Veteran chat is only restricted in the in-client chat. Anyone is free to join it with an external IRC client.

We consider anyone involved enough with the game to connect via external IRC as "Veteran", and we don't want to prevent them from becoming an active part of the community just because they haven't achieved the correct number of moves.

Also worthy of note: you will never lose veteran status once you have it, since it is based on your number of moves (10,000).

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There is an explanation, access to #veteran is based on how many moves a player has made. Here's a excerpt from this afternoon's chat.

[17:33] It hasn't been based on points since 2014, according to my records. It's based on moves. it's entirely possible that no one remembers this including me because Ican't seem to locate the mention of it on the website, which means it probably got lost in the Great Crash of 2014.
[17:41] <@MikeCassidytoo> Number of Moves on what? Tutorials; beginner puzzles or regularpuzzles or all three?
[18:03] btw, According to the code, it looks like this is done for any move. Tutorials,beginner, regular, contests.

It's not easy to verify, but I'm marking this one closed.

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I see now that jflat06 mentioned the specific number of moves required before a player can join #veteran. It's 10,000 moves.


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