Residue Count Filter while script running

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Opened on:Thursday, April 7, 2016 - 15:22
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Residue Count Filter seems to be executed while a script is running. I may be wrong.

If it so, that is slowing down the script execution.

I suggest this filter should be evaluated once, whether it is enabled or not, just prior to the script running and the score change recorded to be used during the script run (because the Residue Count cannot be changed during a script).

This way the all scripts would run faster than currently in the current devprev version.


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The residue count filter shouldn't be causing any slowdown - its computation is essentially instant.

All it does is check the actual protein size against the limit. There are thousands of places where computations like this are being performed in the code, with new ones in each update. Slowdown generally comes from filters which run computationally intensive algorithms, such as the core existence filter.

That said, you can always disable this filter prior to running a script to accomplish the effect you're talking about.

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Thanks for your answer. I agree that this filter does not add much slowdown but every bit counts...

Also, any scripts that toggles the filters on/off will ALWAYS re-enable all filters regardless of the manual setting I do prior to running one of those scripts.


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