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Hello Forum,

I am unable to start folding as I believe I haven't correctly downloaded foldit.

I attach a screenshot of the screen where I commence the download... I'm downloading for Linux 64-bit.

Once the foldit file appears in my download bar I click on it. I then try and extract it but still no launch icon on my desktop. The only icons so far to appear are shown in the second attachment. I'm fairly sure the problem is with the extraction because no flash screen arrives when I click on the desktop icon called Foldit-linux_x64.tar.gz

I feel sure someone, probably inkycatz, is going to need further information. Please tell me what additional information might be required from me in order to get me started folding.

Yours faithfully, Lisa Jewell

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This is working correctly - the program is just contained in the tar.gz file.

After you extract it, you just need to open the extracted Foldit folder and the program is contained in there. We don't have an installer for Linux, so an icon will not be added to your desktop.

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Thanks, I've been able to

Thanks, I've been able to download this on a friend's computer. Mine, however, is proving a little more stubborn. At least, now, I know it works. Thanks for your reply.


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