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Hi just wondering if someone could help? I am having dramas installing fold it on windows 10, it installs on my laptop and gets to the downloading updates stage then just freezes and won't go any further I have tried uninstalling and downloading 3 times now but it freezes in the same spot every time. Thanks to anyone who can help

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Hiya! If you can post any

If you can post any specifics like machine specs and whatnot in the feedback section (this area is more for comments, suggestion and discussion) we can probably help pinpoint your issue faster, as well as track it with our developers.


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My work-around

Hi there.

I also had this issue. I finally downloaded the install file onto my mobile phone, transferred it to the laptop and then updated it from there. The updates took forever but I left it overnight to update since the internet connection was really slow at that location. I checked on it the next day and it worked just fine. I hope this helps you out.

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