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Membership requests from 5 of my students appeared in the Manage Group window, but all the other request have NOT appeared. I'd like to have my whole class join. What's going on?

Thank you.

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You could change your group to Open until everyone has joined, then switch it back to Moderated.

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Thank you. I have changed the group status and will have the students try joining again tomorrow. BTW, do you know of other teachers who have used foldit in classes? Do students solve all the 31 introductory puzzles? What is the next step? I'm new to foldit myself, and have found some of the puzzles quite challenging!

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Many classes have used foldit for extra credit. Some students solve all the intro puzzles; that is a very common goal assigned by teachers. Some students love it and others hate it (puzzle games are not everyone's favorite). They can get help by asking in global chat (although for chitchat unrelated to the game we ask that they use your group chat). There is also help in the wiki:

The next step after the intro puzzles is to check out one or more beginner puzzles and see how high a score you can get. I think that is more than most classes do. Don't ask your students to achieve a certain rank in the beginner puzzles, but you could discover a score that is easy to get to on one puzzle and ask them to beat that score.


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