New Release!

Hey everyone,

We have just released a large update with several changes and features. First and foremost, we have updated the biochemistry software behind the game with the most recent and scientifically accurate version available. This lets us try out new tools and algorithms, as well as improving the scientific validity of your folds.

In addition to this change, we've also got some other fixes and features:

Intro Puzzles:
* 2-2 Close the Gap: This tutorial has been heavily reworked. The new version should be significantly more forgiving, and less sensitive to camera angle and getting stuck.
* Reaching the goal threshold will now turn the progress meter gold (instead of dark blue) to better highlight when players should stop a tool, as they have already won.

* New Filter: Residue Count Filter. This filter gives an increasing penalty for each residue inserted over a limit. With this filter, we will be able to enable insertion/deletion on design puzzles where they were previous disabled.

New Features:
* Ramachandran Plot: This new tool gives you insight into which backbone angles are most realistic at each residue in your protein. Additionally, it will give insight for creating highly stable loops using rules developed and used by Baker Lab protein designers. Keep an eye out for a post on this soon!

Bug Fixes:
* The Shift-Q hotkey should now function properly.
* Some filters were meant to adjust which residues are available during design of secondary structures, but this was broken. This is now fixed, and you will see restrictions in certain cases on which residues are allowed.

As always, a big thanks to the testers in the developer preview. As this is a big change, there may be some remaining issues - please be sure to leave feedback if you encounter problems!

(Tue, 03/15/2016 - 23:08  |  0 comments)
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