Finding intro games - no icon on desktop, no link in Windows start button menu

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Good morning from Tucson,

I teach in a public school district. We have just started using Foldit. Some of my students are not able to get back to the games menu. They do not have an icon on their desktop nor do they have an icon in the Windows Start Button menu, and the student did not pin the program to the taskbar. How do we find our way back to the intro games?


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When you installed Foldit, it asked in what directory you wanted to install Foldit.
On my Windows machines, I installed Foldit in directories like C:\Foldit\Foldit.exe.
If you can find the Foldit.exe file, you can click on it to start Foldit.
To make life easier later, you can make a shortcut to Foldit.exe
and move the shortcut to your desktop. gives more details.

Does that help?


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