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We are having to package this up to make it available to our students to install since they are not admins on their MacBooks. However, after I package it, if I have WiFi or Ethernet active, the app crashes when it launches. If I disable them, the app works fine. Has anyone seen this in their own environment?


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Hello! Unfortunately, we

Unfortunately, we don't have a lot to go on here, but if you have any error messages that could help, crash logs, even letting us know what OS is encountering this issue we could probably get this sorted for you or at the very least see where things might be going off course.

The best place to file this information or even search to see if there are similar topics is the feedback section (http://fold.it/portal/feedback), as the forum is typically used for more suggestion and discussion type issues. Putting your issue there in the future helps our devs file and track things much quicker.

Do let us know how we can further help you and your class.

Looking forward to getting you up, running, and folding!


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