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apparently we can all now have clones. I thought this was something that was put to bed (for obvious reasons) a few years ago

but it seems there is a new group (which is allowed apparently) tho it calls itself CASP - and all members have to be clones with CASP in their name.

I and many others are a tad confused by this.......let us take 1170 - anyone below rank 27 lost out cause a clone scored at both 24 and 26. Sorry if this is trite - but I thought all this clone stuff was sorted years ago. Are we going backwards? and as for group game - well now u have yr thinking hats on - think

This is very dangerous for the game

I was invited to consider some proposals - I and my group spent a great deal of time time considering. Our suggestions were totally ignored by both the originating proposer from Contenders and swept aside by foldit central.

So now we have what? a return to clones?

Find a quick way to safeguard this game guys - this is very deep trouble.

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Hi there,

I would invite you and others concerned about any particular player accounts or groups being formed to discuss the issue among yourselves and with the other community members involved, rather than specifically calling out groups in this forum.

This is not a "suggestion" (the feedback area is best used for actionable bugs and constructive suggestions), and therefore not the forum for this type of discussion. (May I suggest the actual forums, in which a general, non-specific discussion can take place?) This is not to be construed as any "sweeping" by our staff here, merely an appropriate attempt to guide the discussions that should take place among the community to the places where they actually belong.

I will say up front if the resulting discussion devolves into any personal calling out of players or groups, it will be swiftly closed, in accordance with our community rules.

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u were involved in the original discussions regarding this move Inky - if I might remind u politely. So I can only assume that foldit is currently happy with this new situation.

As u already know - this has already been discussed between some groups - tho not all by any means.

If u decide that this thread is unacceptable then u should have mentioned such some time ago - u had plenty of opportunity.

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The re acceptance of clones is not a good move in my and others' view. So by default it is constructive. Therefore I see no reason why this feedback has been moved away from the limelight.

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Either CASP is part of the game with individual teams competing or it should but outside the game with a unified FoldIt Fellows attempting to compete with the outside groups. Like DevPrev, maybe create a version of the game called FoldIt CASP. But the games played in one should not be the same as the other.


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