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I am a middle school educator. I have been trying to figure out why my students can chat with others outside the group. I had thought I had put controls on that capability. And they seem to have been blocked or kicked out of the group. How can I get them back in?
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Hello there!

While we cannot speak to specifics about your group members, here are some general tips to help you get everyone back on track-
1. Every client being used by students must be configured to have chat disabled (there is no "overriding" teacher option, although we've certainly discussed how handy that may be in the future).
2. Be sure to restart the client to make sure these changes take effect!

This will allow students to participate in the non-public channels.

While we do welcome student groups in global chat, we understand that it can often be a distraction to lessons, or a possible temptation to violate our well meaning community rules (enforced ably by myself and our volunteer player moderators) and hope these tips will help get your group into an environment that works best for you and your learning needs.

If specific group members of yours have issues with accessing group only chat after following these steps please feel free to drop me a private message. :)


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