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Does anyone know if or how I can submit the sequence of a protein we are working with in our laboratory?


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From our FAQ:
Q: Can I work with you to produce a custom puzzle?
A: Yes, we do on occasion collaborate with others to create custom puzzles. Just follow the steps below and contact inkycatz** for more information.

The submitter has to write up a short description of the problem that anyone can understand (ie why is this important?). The third paragraph here is an example.
If we share Foldit player solutions with the submitter, they agree to provide us (and in turn the Foldit Players) with feedback on your analysis of their predictions within 3 months, even if nothing comes out of it.
Presentations or publications referring to these Foldit solutions will acknowledge the Foldit Players, the Center for Game Science, and the Baker Lab at the University of Washington.

** Skipping the private message route here, you can contact us at cgs-info@cs.washington.edu to discuss further.


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