1155 Hairpin

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Running script that bands cysteines together crashes this puzzle - when attempting to make cysteine bond from design portion to frozen portion

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Hi there! When making reports that involve scripts, it also helps if you include the name of the script and OS you're using.


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Using Bridge Wiggle v 1.2.1 - Brow42 in Devprev windows 7 OS

also in devprev even if you move the cys right across from each other,close enough to form a bond they do not if one is on the hairpin and one on the frozen part, but they do in main game

I keep switching back and forth between devprev and main because one week you can only play new puzzle in one or the other but not both and the next week it is the other way around. I am only switching to get to play new puzzles as they come out, but I will just stay in main - too much hassle and bugs


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