Center Protein on Density cannot be Undone

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These tests were done in a new track, with nothing in the undo graph.

In an ED puzzle, if you click Center Protein on Density once, it creates an entry in the Undo graph and you can undo it. However, if you undo it, then click that button a second time, it removes the entry on the undo graph, does not make another one, and cannot be undone.

If you Center on Density and it creates an entry on the undo graph, then you wiggle, the wiggle entry on the undo graph replaces the one from Center on Density (instead of making a new one). If you then undo, it undoes both the wiggle and the Center - you cannot undo them one at a time.

If you Center on Density and then do Restore Very Best or Restore Credit Best, the restore entry on the undo graph overwrites the Center entry and you can only undo the restore, not the Center.

After some other actions such as wiggling, if you Center and then Restore Very Best, then undo and redo a few times along the graph, the score for the Center action becomes lost and can't be found by undo and redo.

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+ clear density notes cannot be undone (or did I misunderstand something?)


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