Alert (pop up) from script command (sound or text)

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What about "alert" or "pop up" commands in Lua?

I see 3 types of possible (script parametrable) pop ups:

-a sound (like a sound saying that a recipe is over)
-a pop up window with a text ("Warning: your backbone subscore is dangerously going down !")
-a view pop up (for example the view changes temporarilly to "view voids" when hiding becomes higher than a defined treshold)

It's just a way to inform the player with some "expert" judgment that we could embed in recipe outputs (in addition to log output). The advantage of a sound is that a client can request attention to a multiclient player for example. Or you play in the background of other activity and the game asks for your intervention.

For example:
-I can imagine a script that (optionally) selects the right view for a given puzzle
-an alert with a voice or a pop up saying "Ideality low !" when ideality goes down or "Disulfite bridge broken" or simply "Done" etc.

Like in many "war" games, where a voice or a popup says that we are nearly dead and should take time to recover health or monney ...

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