1142 scoreboard not working

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I don't know where to list this..also under puzzle notes. the scoreboard in game is totally unrelated to the scoreboard on "my page" or the puzzle specific listings for everyone, not just me. something isn't working. I don't want to crash a client with a random seed to see if it is me. Is anyone else having problems with this puzzle? I'm missing around 200 points I think...

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This is a common problem discussed here:

Yous computer was disconnected from internet for some time and this client doesn't reconnect. You gain points but the points of other players are not updated on your client, and your points are not credited on the server.


1) Verify your internet connection
2) Save and/or or open another client on the same track (there "reset credited best").
or open your saved solution from this new (connected) client.

Consider closing this feedback because it's a duplicated of 993031.


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