puzzle 1143 - downloading shares from devprev to main

Case number:699969-2001278
Opened by:Galaxie
Opened on:Saturday, October 3, 2015 - 17:55
Last modified:Monday, October 19, 2015 - 23:36

When trying to download a share from a teammate using devprev (with both recent updates) to main (with recent update) an error message appears.

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A Mac user on our team (in main) was able to download the devprev share and repost. The reposted share is downloadable by other folders in main. Perhaps the issue is with main using Windows?

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Could you be specific about this error message? It will help us figure out this issue faster.


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This message appears:
Error opening 0322532599.ir_shared_solution.ir_solution for read.

over this one:
Error reading download_tmp_UNIQ-d0c49b33-83ac-436c-a9de-337fc51cf27b.ir_solution[BUFFER]; bad pose version.

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This may have something to do with it: there was supposed to be an update to main on or about Oct 1 to make the new devprev file format readable. However, I downloaded and installed a new main client for Win 7 today, and I got build ID 20150917-5515771e57-win_x86 - it doesn't look like the Oct 1 update got pushed out for Windows. Maybe the Mac update got pushed and that's why a Mac user can open the devprev share.

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even more weird...I'm mac...but my share could not be opened without errors by anyone* other than another mac user. they simply reposted and it was available to all - main and devprev alike.

*at least one group member did.....makes it even more weird.

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Thanks for the info everyone - it's being investigated.

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I am running Windows 10.

buildid: 20150917-5515771e57-win_x86

I get the problem on puzzle 1145. Going devprev to devprev is OK. Going devprev to non-devprev causes a problem.

I create a directory called FolditLogs and a batch file to copy error logs:

C:\FolditLogs>type e.bat
copy C:\Foldit\log.txt C:\FolditLogs\%1_error_log.txt
C:\FolditLogs>e 1145

C:\FolditLogs>copy C:\Foldit\log.txt C:\FolditLogs\1145_error_log.txt
1 file(s) copied.


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Thank you for resolving this issue.

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